I Am

Aasma Kausar

MSc (Psychology)

Creating a positive impact on well-being through insightful perspectives and meaningful engagements.

I Can Solve Your Problems!

Call: +92-305-5706525

Your journey to well-being starts with a conversation. Let's navigate through solutions together – connecting for positive change!

Panic Attacks

Personalized support for managing panic attacks and implementing effective coping strategies.

Bipolar Disorder

Compassionate guidance to navigate bipolar disorder and achieve stability.

Family Education

Empower your family with comprehensive mental health education and support.

Recreational Therapy

Discover the therapeutic benefits of recreational activities for holistic well-being.

Are You Looking for a Perfect Psychotherapist?

Get help in sorting the creative block in your professional life

Timely personal training sessions for couple a week.

We can help you in anger and time management

Learn to spend time & money in a convenient manner.

"It Was the Best Experience for Me!"

Aasma Kausar has been a true guide on my journey towards well-being. Her deep understanding and caring approach have made a real difference. Highly recommend Aasma for her insightful help and constant support.
John Little

Personal Session

  • Personalized guidance
  • Customized Therapy for You
  • Individualized Healing Conversations


Per Hour

Couple Session

  • Strengthen your relationship
  • Foster mutual understanding
  • Tailored for your unique case


Per Hour

Group Session

  • Collective wisdom and support
  • Improve understanding
  • Explore well-being together


Per Hour

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